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Production Capacity

High precision CNC machining part

We have comprehensive technology ,advanced machinery and equipment and precision testing gauges, own numerical control lathe, CNC, milling machine, grinder, all kinds of instrument lathe, drilling machine and other machinery and equipment, with high-precision quadratic projector, hardness tester, high-precision testing platform and so on.

With professional technology, integrity management, and the spirit of continuous innovation, our company has developed rapidly, and our products are hot selling all over the world

High precision CNC machining part

Sheet metal fabrication

Integration of industry and trade - customized service

Since the hardware stamping, sheet metal stamping for many years, the company has a complete set of production equipment, is committed to providing customers with customized products, quality service.

Complete and diversified production equipment

High-power laser cutting machine, precision CNC bending machine, precision punching machine, wire cutting machine, plate shearing machine, pipe bending machine, riveting machine, spot welding machine, tapping machine, tensile machine, torque machine, salt spray testing machine, coating thickness gauge, etc..

Multi-product development - win-win coexistence

Close cooperation with upstream and downstream suppliers, multi-product chain development, win-win symbiosis, product coverage.

Sheet metal fabrication

Die casting part

Main production equipment: 500T die-casting machine, 280T die-casting machine, shot blasting machine, punching machine, tapping machine, drilling machine, sanding machine and so on;

Main testing equipment: 2.5 times element, Rockwell hardness tester, light box, height gauge, film thickness meter, etc.;

Mainly engaged in: aluminum alloy die-casting products: such as LED lamp tube/lampshade/heatsink, energy-saving lampshade/spray gun/cup/cover, frying and grilling products, automobile fittings, computer and television fittings, cell phones and other equipment related to aluminum products, etc.; zinc alloy die-casting products: such as sanitary ware zinc alloy products: faucet/slab head/face cover, valve core/door locks and other zinc alloy structural parts; die-casting mold design, manufacture. Design and manufacture of die-casting molds.

Injection molded part

We have more than one hundred sets of product molds and can provide customized plastic mold design and manufacturing;

The company has a complete set of production equipment, with injection molding machines, mixing machines, feeding machines and other equipment;

Main types: rubber injection molding, plastic injection molding, molding injection molding

Uses: widely used in cell phone accessories, fitness equipment accessories, automobile accessories, lighting accessories, home appliance accessories.

Injection molded part

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