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Zinc alloy die castings part is a kind of pressure casting parts, which use loaded casting mold pressure casting machinery die casting machine, pour zinc or zinc alloy that is heated to liquid  into the die casting machine inlet, through the die casting machine die casting, casting mold limit the shape and size of the zinc parts or zinc alloy parts, such parts are usually called zinc alloy die castings parts.

Advantages of zinc alloy die castings parts

• Low-cost raw material

• Thermally conductive

• Electrically conductive

• Excellent in accuracy and stability with high dimensions

• Incredibly strong with great hardness  

• Able to cold form, which eases joining

• Exceptionally corrosion-resistant

• Fully recyclable


Zinc alloy die castings parts are normally used in industrial and building fields,especially in automotive industry. Actually there are many different car spare parts can be produced by die casting ,so most of modern die casting process is used for automative industry. The superior strength and hardness of zinc is the best ideal chosen to machined,pressed,stamped and fabricated components.Many components can be produced through zinc die cast,which are including:

• Zinc alloy die castings interior automotive aesthetic parts

• Zinc alloy die castings engine components

• Zinc alloy die castings power steering part  

• Zinc alloy die castings brake parts and systems

• Zinc alloy die castings air-conditioning components

• Zinc alloy die castings fuel systems

• Zinc alloy die castings complex net-shaped housings parts

• Zinc alloy die castings electronic devices

What kind of zinc alloy is used in die casting?

Zamak 3 is the most popular zinc alloy that is used for die casting due to its superior castability and excellent finishing characteristics. Its elongation properties allow it to be crimped or swaged to other components.

Is die cast zinc alloy rustproof?

Zinc will corrode when it is exposed to moisture and other environmental elements. However, its corrosion that develops does not rust in a brown and orange color or significantly weaken the part. In this way ,zinc die casting part is affordable and durable , it can be used in various industries.

What are the advantages of zinc alloy die castings parts?

Zinc alloy die castings parts have greater stability, durability, and closer tolerances than plastic molded parts. Zinc alloy die castings can produce parts with thinner walls, closer dimension limits, and smoother surfaces. Producing speed is faster, labor and finishing costs are lower.

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Die Casting Aluminum Camera Housing

Die Casting Aluminum Camera Housing

Many items in our lives will use metal shells, used to decorate products or protect the role of internal parts, such as mobile phones, chassis, medical equipment, automobiles and other fields can see the figure of metal shells. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel are common materials used to make metal casings, Die casting aluminum camera housing material is made of aluminum, the parts can be divided into: front hinge cover, glass lens, heavy rain proof aluminum housing, with mounting bracket. Suitable for indoor and outdoor CCTV, DVR, camera mounting, easily adjustable 360°and 90°.

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Zinc Die Casting Components

Zinc Die Casting Components

Zinc die casting is a process that involves melting zinc alloys and inject zinc alloy into a ready die casting mold. Zinc alloys are widely used in manufacturing spare parts because of their ductility, impact strength, and low melting point.The produced zinc die casting components have many advantages.

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Zinc Alloy Die Casting Spare Parts

Zinc Alloy Die Casting Spare Parts

Huaner is professional in producing zinc alloy die casting spare parts with high tolerence. Our zinc alloy die casting spare parts are commonly used in industrial applications due to their favorable casting characteristics which include: High density and high ductility.

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Zinc Die Casting Parts

Zinc Die Casting Parts

Huaner produces high-quality zinc die casting parts in sizes ranging from tiny and light to large and heavy. We offer a variety of surface treatments for zinc die casting parts, including powder coating, sandblasting, chrome plating, and bright polishing. The automotive, food and beverage, machinery, plumbing, irrigation, mining, petrochemical, electrical, energy, aerospace, submarine, and other industries can all benefit from our zinc die casting services.

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Zinc Alloy Die Casting Auto Parts

Zinc Alloy Die Casting Auto Parts

Huaner has professional experience in producing zinc alloy die casting auto parts for more than 16 years.Zinc alloy die casting is a popular processing to manufacture high precision, light weight and cost effective auto components.The process involves a mold with a cavity in the shape of the desired part geometry. A pressurizing mechanism pumps molten metal into this cavity and maintain it in high pressure until it cools down.

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One of the most competent manufacturers and suppliers of Zinc Alloy Die Castings in China is widely regarded as Huaner. Additionally, our factory sells customized Zinc Alloy Die Castingsat a cheap price. We warmly welcome clients who wish to wholesale buy our products; in addition to offering discounts to our customers, our products are incredibly quality and the newest.