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Sheet Metal Hinges are widely used in furniture, construction and industrial fields. Huaner is a variety of China Sheet metal hinges manufacturers and supplier, in the production process, to strictly control every link, to ensure product quality, the production of hinge plays an important role in a variety of applications, such as doors and Windows, furniture folding and industrial equipment connection.

Sheet metal hinges production steps are as follows:

1. Prepare materials and tools: Common materials are copper, iron, stainless steel, etc., according to the actual needs to choose the appropriate materials.

2. Cutting material: According to the size of the Sheet metal hinges, use the cutting machine to cut the material into the appropriate width and height.

3. Punch holes: According to the design of the Sheet metal hinges, use a drill machine to punch holes in the cut material for installing screws. The size of the hole should match the screw specification.

4. Grinding: Use a grinder to polish the cutting surface and holes of the hinge to ensure that the surface is smooth, without burrs and welding slag.

5. Welding: Weld the two sides of the Sheet metal hinges together to form a closed ring. When welding, ensure that the weld is firm, without welding slag and welding scar. After welding is completed, the weld can be polished with sandpaper to smooth the surface with the hinge.

6. Inspection: After welding, check the size, weight, surface quality of the hinge, etc., to ensure that it meets the design requirements. If there is any unqualified place, timely rectification.

7. Surface treatment: In order to improve the corrosion resistance and beauty of the hinge, the common surface treatment methods are spray painting, electroplating, polishing and so on.

8. Finished product inspection: After the surface treatment is completed, check the size, appearance and performance of the Sheet metal hinges to ensure compliance with the standard. If qualified, the hinge hinge can be packed and ready for shipment or installation.

9. Installation: After receiving the hinge, install according to the installation drawings and instructions. When installing, ensure that the hinge matches the size and shape of the doors, Windows, furniture and other components, and tighten the screws to ensure the safety of use.

10. Maintenance and maintenance: In order to extend the service life of the Sheet metal hinges, regularly check the connection screws of the hinge, if loose, should be tightened in time; Keep the hinge surface clean and avoid stains; In the process of use, try to avoid yanking and pushing, so as not to damage the hinge.

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Furniture Hardware Hinges

Furniture Hardware Hinges

The newest furniture hardware hinges are made of movable components or foldable materials. Xiamen Huaner Technology Co., Ltd., an advanced hinge manufacturer from China, produces mature, high-precision, high-quality hinges with a simple and charming appearance. The easy-maintainable furniture hardware hinges are primarily installed on doors and windows, while the classy damping hinge is mainly used for cabinets.

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