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Xiamen Huaner Technology Co.,Ltd  manufactures custom CNC machine parts and components, we offer CNC lathe machining parts and CNC milling and turning machining parts.

CNC Machine Parts

CNC lathe machining parts includes CNC lathe operation basics, CNC turning and processing stepped shaft parts, CNC turning plus disk and sleeve parts, CNC turning and processing threaded parts, CNC turning and processing of assemblies and non-circular curves axes.

CNC milling and machining center parts processing includes CNC milling machine parts and machining center operation basis, CNC milling processing plane parts, CNC milling processing contour and hole parts, CNC milling processing slot and cavity parts.

Materials We Used

The materials can be used for most CNC machined parts are as follows :

• Aluminum Alloys 3000, 5,000, 6000 & 7000 series

• Bronze

• Copper

• Clad Materials

• Carbide

• All Plastics

• Various types of castings including aluminum die castings, copper castings, die castings, stainless steel castings, tin castings, etc.

Typical CNC Machined Parts and Components

There is a huge list of applications, which make use of CNC machined parts and components. Here are some most common applications of CNC machined parts provided by HUANER:

1. Satellite Systems

2. Rapid Diagnostic Test Security

3. Semiconductor Support

4. Internal Computer Assembly

5. Electronic Industry Support

6. Shaft Assemblies

7. Spindle Housing Hubs

8. Valve Bodies

9. Ball Joints

10. Suspension Arms

11. Rail and Switch Gear

12. Thermal Control

13. Fasteners

14. Coinage Die Making

15. Medical Devices

16. Tensioners

17. Box Cases

18. Module Blocks

19. Ratchet Gears

20. Output Shafts

We have comprehensive technology ,advanced machinery and equipment and precision testing gauges, own numerical control lathe, CNC, milling machine, grinder, all kinds of instrument lathe, drilling machine and other machinery and equipment, with high-precision quadratic projector, hardness tester, high-precision testing platform and so on.

With professional technology, integrity management, and the spirit of continuous innovation, our company has developed rapidly, and our products are hot selling all over the world

You can get in touch with our experts via phone on 18150111232. Alternatively, you can send us an email with your requirements and queries at alina@huanertech.com.

CNC lathe machine parts processing

CNC lathe machined parts are manufactured in accordance with the pre-programmed CNC program automatically on the workpiece processing of efficient automated equipment

CNC Machine Parts

CNC lathe machining parts include cnc machine shaft parts or disk parts with the internal and external cylindrical surface, cnc machine cone angle parts with the internal and external conical surface, cnc machine complex rotary parts with internal and external surfaces and cnc machine cylindrical parts, cnc machine tapered threads part

The working principle of CNC lathe is to process the parts of the process route, process parameters, tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions, in accordance with the CNC lathe instruction code and program format written into a processing program list, and then the contents of this program list is recorded in the control media, and then input to the CNC lathe numerical control device, so as to command the lathe to process the parts.

CNC Machine Parts

What kind of parts can be machined on CNC lathes?

According to the processing characteristics of CNC lathe, its main processing object has the following categories.

1. High precision cnc lathe machining rotary body parts

Because CNC lathe has good rigidity, high manufacturing and control precision, it can accurately carry out artificial compensation and automatic compensation, it can process parts with high requirements for dimensional accuracy and straightness, roundness, cylindricity and other shape accuracy.

For circular arcs as well as other curved contours, the degree of proximity of the processed shape to the geometric shape required on the drawing is much higher than that of the profiling lathe. When machining workpieces on a CNC lathe, many surfaces can be machined in a single clamping, which is particularly effective in improving positional accuracy, whereas when machining on an ordinary lathe, multiple clampings may be required to complete the process.

2. CNC machining rotary body parts with high surface quality requirements

CNC lathe with constant linear speed cutting function can process the surface roughness value of small and uniform parts. In the material, fine turning allowance and tool has been determined in the case, the surface roughness depends on the feed and cutting speed. In the ordinary lathe turning taper and end face, due to the constant speed, resulting in turning surface roughness R value is not consistent, only a certain diameter at the surface roughness R value is the smallest, the use of CNC lathe constant linear speed cutting function, you can choose the linear speed to cut the surface of the dale and the end face, so that the surface roughness after turning R value is both small and consistent. CNC turning is also suitable for turning parts of the surface roughness requirements of different parts, the surface and roughness R value requirements of large parts of the selection of large feed, the requirements of small parts of the selection of small feed. As the CNC lathe is mostly stepless variable speed, and a large range of variable speed, so that you can simplify the process flow, and some processes can even use lathe instead of grinding.

3. CNC machining rotary body parts with complex surface shape

Because the CNC lathe has a straight line and arc interpolation function, so you can turn any straight line and curve of the complex shape of the rotary parts. The curves that form the contour of the parts can be the curves described by mathematical equations or the list of curves. For the parts contour composed of straight lines or arcs, directly use the function of straight lines or arcs interpolation of the machine tool: for the parts contour composed of non-circular curves should first be approximated by straight lines or arcs, and then use straight lines or arcs interpolation function for interpolation cutting.

4. CNC machining parts with non-rotary body features

In the C-axis and power tool head on the turnin gmachining center, it can process disk sleeve and shaft parts with a keyway or radial holes or end face with the distribution of the hole system or those shaft parts have a curved surface, such as with a flange bushings, with a keyway or square head of the shaft parts and so on. These parts in the turning machining center, a clamping can be completed full processing substitute that ordinary machine tools finishr a number of processes, reducing the number of clamping, the realization of the principle of process concentration, to ensure the stability of the processing quality and improve productivity and reduce production costs.

5. CNC machining rotary parts with special threads

Ordinary lathe can be turned thread type is limited, it can only be turned and other lead straight, taper metric, imperial thread, and a lathe can only be limited to the processing of a number of kinds of lead, and CNC lathe not only can turn a variety of such as lead straight, taper threads and end threads, but also can be turned to increase the lead, reduce the lead, and the requirements of the lead and change the lead and the smooth transition between the threads, and high-precision modular helix components, as shown in Figure 1-6. When CNC lathe turning threads, the spindle steering does not have to be changed alternately like ordinary lathe, it can continuously cycle cutting until completion, so the efficiency of turning threads is very high. The CNC lathe is equipped with pitch compensation function, coupled with the use of carbide-formed inserts, as well as the use of higher speed, so the turning out of the thread with high precision, surface roughness value is small.

Xiamen Huaner Technology Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in precision CNC lathe turning and milling machine as well as double spindle precision CNC lathe research and development, production, sales etc., and undertake external high-precision parts processing business. CNC Lathe,Inclined CNC Lathe,Turning and Milling Machine,Twin Spindle CNC Lathe,Twin Spindle Turning and Milling Machine

Basic steps of high quality CNC lathe machining parts

CNC lathe is the abbreviation of digital program control lathe, which combines the characteristics of universal lathe with good versatility, precision lathe with high processing accuracy and special ordinary lathe with high processing efficiency, and is a kind of machine tool with the largest usage and the widest coverage. Automatic CNC lathe is a kind of machine tool that uses CNC technology to realize the action according to the pre-programmed program. It consists of a program carrier, an input device, a CNC unit, a servo system, a position feedback system and machine tool mechanical parts.

Automatic CNC lathe machining parts usually goes through the following steps:

1. According to the drawing of the machined part and the process plan, a program sheet is prepared in the prescribed code and program format, and it is recorded on the carrier;

2. Inputs the program on the program carrier into the CNC unit through the input device;

3. The CNC unit processes the input program and sends signals to the servo system for each coordinate of the machine;

4. According to the signals from the CNC unit, the servo system drives the moving parts of the machine and controls the necessary auxiliary operations;

5. Through the machine tool mechanical parts to drive the relative motion of the tool and the workpiece, machining the required workpiece;

6. Detecting the motion of the CNC lathe and feeding back to the CNC unit through the feedback device to minimize the machining error. Of course, there is no detection and feedback system for open-loop CNC lathe.

CNC milling and machining center parts processing

CNC milling and turning parts are one of the most common machining parts in CNC machining, which is widely used in machinery and equipment manufacturing, mold processing and other fields.

It is based on ordinary cnc milling machining parts , while combining the characteristics of CNC machine parts, not only can complete all the contents of ordinary cnc milling processing parts, but also can complete the ordinary cnc milling processing parts that is difficult to carry out, set up that can not be carried out in the processing process. CNC milling processing parts mainly include CNC milling machined parts and machining center parts, which can carry out plane contour milling and curved surface contour milling processing of parts, as well as drilling, expanding, stranding, boring, trance processing and thread processing.

CNC Machine Parts

3 forms of machining process for CNC milling machine parts

According to the processing characteristics of CNC milling machine parts, there are 3 forms of CNC milling machine's machining process.

1, according to the clamping positioning division process. This method is generally applicable to workpieces with little processing content, mainly divided into several parts of the processing part, each process processing part of it. Such as CNC milling processing shape, to the inner cavity clamping processing cavity, to the shape of the clamping.

2, to roughing and finishing processes. Easy to produce machining deformation of CNC milling parts, taking into account the machining accuracy of the workpiece, deformation and other factors, according to the principle of roughing and finishing separate processes, that is, first rough and then finish.

3, in order to reduce the number of trips to change tools, you can take the principle of tool concentration to divide the process.

In the division of work processes, according to the structural requirements of the workpiece, the installation of the workpiece, the workpiece machining processability, the performance of CNC milling and factory production organization and management and other factors to be flexible, and strive to be reasonable. CNC milling processing, can be pre-estimated control information, easy to realize the standardization of processing information, has been organically combined with computer aided and manufacturing, is the basis of modern integrated manufacturing technology.

CNC Machine Parts

Small CNC milling machine processing parts range

(1) cnc plane processing parts. CNC machine milling plane parts can be divided into cnc horizontal plane machined parts, cnc positive plane machined parts and cnc side plane machined parts.

(2) CNC curved surface machining parts include complex surface 3 axis cnc machining milling  parts ,4 axis cnc machining milling parts and 5 axis cnc milling machining parts.

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One of the most competent manufacturers and suppliers of CNC Machine Parts in China is widely regarded as Huaner. Additionally, our factory sells customized CNC Machine Partsat a cheap price. We warmly welcome clients who wish to wholesale buy our products; in addition to offering discounts to our customers, our products are incredibly quality and the newest.