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Huaner is a professional China Sheet Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturers and China Sheet Metal Stamping Parts Suppliers.Huaner has more than 20 Sheet Metal Stamping Parts equipment, including punch presses of different tonnage from 45-200 tons. With 18 years of processing and production experience, we are able to achieve a tolerance range of ±0.01mm. Huaner Company provides one-stop services from material selection, production and processing, sales and delivery. Huaner has rich experience in ensuring timely delivery of products, escorting customers' products quality so that customers have no worries about quality.

Stamping craft process

Huaner Sheet Metal Stamping Parts process is quick, efficient, and can be easily automated. Speed depends on equipment used, but it can be very fast, with each press stroke producing a new part.Sheet Metal Stamping Parts ensure consistent quality and interchangeability due to precision molds. Surface quality unaffected, and longevity of molds is beneficial.Size and shape of Sheet Metal Stamping Parts can vary greatly, from small watch components to large car parts like longitudinal beams or cover parts.This gives Sheet Metal Stamping Parts versatility.

Huaner Sheet Metal Stamping Parts come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, from small watch components to large automotive components such as side members or covers. This versatility makes Sheet Metal Stamping Parts extremely flexible. Stamping is a cost-effective processing method because it saves energy and materials. No heating equipment is required and material waste is minimal.Huaner Sheet Metal Stamping Parts are widely used in manufacturing, covering various industries, such as  aerospace, ship transportation, petrochemical industry, power industry, construction field, metallurgical industry, etc. Its high efficiency, consistent quality and cost-effectiveness make it a favored processing method.

Stamping process

Mould of sheet metal stamping

Sheet metal parts

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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Parts

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Parts

Huaner is a manufacturer of sheet metal laser cutting parts from China, known for high quality and short delivery times. Our wholesale laser cutting machines use fiber lasers and CO2 lasers, which can cut up to 4 inches of metal material. The advantages of our fashionable sheet metal laser cutting parts include durability, scalability, quick turnover, fast production, reduced workpiece contamination, and minimized opportunities for warping.

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One of the most competent manufacturers and suppliers of Sheet Metal Stamping Parts in China is widely regarded as Huaner. Additionally, our factory sells customized Sheet Metal Stamping Partsat a cheap price. We warmly welcome clients who wish to wholesale buy our products; in addition to offering discounts to our customers, our products are incredibly quality and the newest.
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